Hero's of Phandalin

Awarded Deed by Sildar Hallwinter.
Hired three townsfolk to work Manor and run the day to day
Daran Edermath
is a retired adventurer who lives in a tidy little cottage beside an apple orchard. A fit, silver-haired half-elf well over a hundred years old, Daran is a fighter who served as a marshal and herald for many years in the lands of the Dragon Coast, far to the southeast. Upon retiring, he returned to the Neverwinter region, his original home.Daran is a member of the Order of the Gauntlet, a devout and vigilant group that seeks to protect others from the depredations of evildoers. The order is always vigilant, ready to smite evil, enforce justice, and enact retribution against any who try to subjugate or harm others. Though he is no longer active in the order, he keeps an eye on happenings around Phandalin. He is happy to trade news with fellow adventurers, especially those who appear to hold to these virtues.
Elissa Barthen
is an exquisite cook who works part time at the Stonehill Inn. She is a 20 something slender Human Female with Auburn Hair and a pleasant demeanor. She is the Niece of Elmar Barthen, owner of Barthen’s Provisions. She moved to Phandalin from Waterdeep to help her brother open the store, and then just stuck around. She worked as the Head Chef in a prominent Noble House in Waterdeep.
Corbin Blackhand
is a stone mason that has been living in Gundren Rockseekers home, while he was missing. An petulant old Dwarf with a stout body, flaming red hair, and a beard full off silver charms that hangs down to his breast. He was hired by the Rockseekers to rebuild their home. He traveled to the area from Mirabar, and has decided he would like to stay in the area, now that his job is complete.



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